Mobile Cranes

Capacities up to 900 Tons

TNT Crane & Rigging has a large fleet of Mobile Cranes that are a “Fast Moving & Always on the Go” group of equipment. Compared to conventional cranes and crawler cranes, Mobile Cranes are efficient in mobilization and have faster assembly & disassembly times. This agility enables us to accomplish multiple projects in a single day, even when these projects are located in different areas. Our fleet offers extensive options with lifting capacities up to 900 Tons.

All-Terrain Cranes

All-Terrain Cranes boast large lifting capacities with efficient setup times making them ideal for infrastructure projects, alternative energy, tower work, and rooftop equipment. All-Terrain Cranes are equipped with multiple counterweight and jib configurations, allowing the crane to perform long reaches with ease.

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Hydraulic Truck Cranes are multi-use cranes that are highway legal and feature an assortment of counterweight and boom configurations, making them great solutions for short-term or long-term projects.

Boom Trucks

Boom Trucks are Mobile Cranes featuring a telescopic boom on a truck chassis that provide impressive boom lengths for their size. Boom Truck Cranes are great for their versatility, efficiency, and mobility. Boom Trucks are a great solution for smaller lifts such as rooftop equipment, cell tower cabinets and antennas, sign work, and roof trusses.

Carry Deck Cranes

Carry Deck Cranes are for hoisting a load in a confined space, placing a load on the crane deck, and subsequently moving the load to another location on site. Carry Deck Cranes are a great solution for jobs that require a crane that can pick and carry a load over short distances.

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