TNT Crane & Rigging - A Timeline of Our History

  • Our Beginning

    TNT Crane & Rigging began in Houston, Texas in 1985 with a single 18 ton crane. Our philosophy was simple: Provide our customers with exceptional service, quality equipment, trained personnel and a fair price.

  • Early Growth

    Because of our focus on our customer's needs, we grew - adding equipment and personnel. In this photo from 1987, TNT is erecting a new slide at Waterworld.

  • Removing the Astrodome Scoreboard

    In 1989, the Houston Astrodome underwent major renovations, adding seats to accommodate the Oilers. Here, TNT is working to remove the 474-foot Astrodome scoreboard.

  • Adding Larger Capacity Cranes

    To increase capacity and capabilities, TNT added a 250 ton Krupp crane in 1992-our largest crane at that time.

  • Acquiring Our First
    500 Ton Crane

    Still growing, in 1996, we increased our lifting capacity with the purchase of our first 500 ton crane. In this photo, the crane is being off-loaded at the Port of Galveston.

  • Branching Out!

    In 1998, we expanded our geographical reach by opening our first branch location in Corpus Christi, Texas.

  • Building a New Stadium

    In 2000, a new stadium was being built for the Houston Astros and TNT was employed to aid in the construction.

  • Growing West!

    In 2004, TNT opened a branch in San Antonio/Austin Texas, expanding to 3 branches.

  • TNT Adds the Hydrospex SBL1100
    to Its Gantry Fleet

    The Hydrospex SBL 1100 Super Boom Lift is the state of the art in hydraulic gantries. This three stage, fully hydraulic gantry is designed to meet the highest standards in quality, safety and precision control to ensure optimum stability during lifting operations.

  • TNT Adds the Terex 800 Ton Demag Crane to its fleet.

    In 2007, TNT added the massive Terex AC700 Demag Crane to its fleet. The AC700 has lifting capacity of 800 U.S. tons, a boom length of 196.9' and a boom extension of 315'.

  • TNT Acquires
    Kuhn Crane Service

    In 2008, TNT acquired Kuhn Crane Service in Corpus Christi. Pictured left is one of the cranes from the Kuhn fleet working beside TNT's 800 ton Demag.

  • TNT Acquires Americrane in the D/FW Area

    This strategic acquisition provided a compelling opportunity to expand geographically and acquire a modern fleet of cranes with an experienced team of operators.

  • TNT Makes 2 Acquisitions and Opens a Branch in Oklahoma

    In 2011, TNT purchased the South Texas assets from Louisiana Crane Company, announced that it was merging its Louisiana operations with RTL, LLC, and opened a new branch in Ratliff City, Oklahoma.

  • TNT Acquires Turner Bros.
    Crane Operations

    TNT purchased the crane operation of Turner Bros., with 60 cranes and branches in Houston, Longview, Beaumont, Abilene and Corpus Christi. Included in the purchase was the Liebherr LMT11200 (pictured left), the world's largest hydraulic mobile crane.

  • TNT Acquires
    Southway Crane & Rigging

    TNT Crane & Rigging acquired Southway Crane & Rigging headquartered in Macon, Georgia. With this acquisition, TNT further diversified it's client base because of Southway's strong presence in the Power, Pulp & Paper, Telecom and Mining industries.

  • TNT Makes More Acquisitions and Expands Into Iowa and Canada

    In 2014, TNT acquires Rent-A-Crane in Oklahoma, and Stampede Crane and Eagle West Crane in Canada. The acquisition of Stampede Crane and Eagle West Crane provided a strong entrance into the rapidly growing energy end-markets in Western Canada. TNT also opens a branch in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

  • TNT Acquires
    RMS Crane in Colorado

    The acquisition of RMS Crane expands TNT’s contiguous geographic coverage, end-market exposure and fleet composition with the addition of three Colorado branches and 66 cranes. RMS serves the manufacturing, industrial, cell tower, power, commercial and construction markets as well as other end markets throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

  • TNT Opens a Branch
    in Freeport TX

    The addition of the Freeport branch expands TNT’s Branch network to 43 locations strategically positioned throughout North America.

  • TNT Crane & Rigging is One of the
    Largest Providers of Hydraulic
    Truck Cranes in North America.

    Operating regionally as TNT Crane & Rigging, Southway Crane & Rigging, Eagle West Cranes, Stampede Crane & Rigging, and RMS Cranes, our family of companies comprises 38 branches and more than 610 cranes in our fleet.

    We look forward to serving all your heavy lifting needs.

About TNT Crane & Rigging

Our Story

TNT Crane & Rigging began in Houston,Texas in 1985 with a single 18 ton crane. Our philosophy was simple: Provide our customers with exceptional service, quality equipment, trained personnel and a fair price.

Because of our focus on our customer's needs, we grew--and added branches and more state-of-the-art equipment including mobile cranes
with lifting capacities up to 1300 tons, crawler cranes, gantry jacks with lifting capacities up to 1200 tons,  a variety of forklifts and specialty lifts, and a fleet of stocked rigging trailers.
Today, TNT is one of the largest crane service providers  in North America.  We currently have:

  • 40 Branches throughout North America
  • More than 620 cranes including hydraulic truck/all-terrain cranes and crawler cranes
  • Trained and experienced field personnel
  • An extensive inventory of gantry jacks and sliders
  • A comprehensive fleet of forklifts and specialty lifts

While we have grown dramatically over the years, we have never forgotten that the success of our story is dependent on the success of your story. We want to be your lifting partner, assisting you every step of the way.